Scott Mustapic. Tattoo Artist. Leeds. UK.


Cover up.

A first #hyena

Seth Ciferri J Walker shader 2010 lands at Mustapic & Jamiesons today. Runs very similar to my other Original J Walker shader which I’m happy about.

This years flying by. Work in it. Check it out!

Couple of parts of a sleeve I’ve kicked off.

T Tech set up!

95% done. Still an hour on the cards.

First session!


Spot of colour today. Going to enjoy getting this down!

Not a new machine but I’m going to give it a mention. This is a Seth Ciferri 2004 Original J Walker shader. Still rocking its original springs. Unbelievable all-rounder. From black n grey to packing colour. Along with the Seth 2006 J walker liner they have become my every day workhorses.

19hs over the past 3days. Sat like a rock. Chest piece tomorrow!